Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

When I chose this subject my focus was really to study about LinkedIn and how it can be valuable to the small business owner. 

I believe it's an important goal as a business owner to strive to be recognized as one who is knowledgeable within our profession and interested in providing quality and helpful solutions to the public. Of course
we all desire to expand our clientele and increase revenue and by having a quality LinkedIn profile these goals and purposes can be accomplished.
Tips and advice:
          1. Adapt your profile to appeal to your target audience using a natural conversational tone.
          2. List what you do and which services your audience can benefit from.
          3. Use keywords that are specific to your trade.
          4. Join groups that your target market and decision makers have joined... not groups that you are interested in.
          5. Find and connect with business owners and the decision makers not just your friends...think of LinkedIn as a business tool not a social site.
          6. Customize your LinkedIn URL. You want it to be simple and not with all the extra numbers and such that the interface automatically uses.
          7. Use a quality picture of yourself. I'm surprised to see that some business owners still use the default grey avatar!
          8. You can add value to your profile by posting a slideshow by using This website is considered to be similar to YouTube, but for slideshows.
          9. Add a personal note when you ask someone to connect with you on LinkedIn rather than using the automatic message because it has an unprofessional and an impersonal feel to it.
So if you're like me and want LinkedIn to be a benefit for your business, increase sales and get you connected with the decision makers, you have to invest some time in it. Maybe, log-in and see what improvements you can make to your profile. I know that I desire to establish my credibility with the audience that really matters: people who will need my company's services.

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