Profitable Websites

A website is a business must in today's world!
A great way to expand your knowledge is to attend online educational webinars. They are inexpensive, convenient and informative covering many popular subjects that can help your business. Here are some tips that I learned from one that I recently viewed...

A website is critical to the success of most businesses today because 94% of smartphone users search for local information from their phone before any other source. And most of them will
take action – like call, visit or purchase from a business website from their smartphone.

Your website needs to have traffic drawn to it. This can be done by using many online resources such as email campaigns that direct the viewers to your website, social media, and blogs. One of the most important thing for a website, blog or email campaign is to create valuable content.

Your website is a one-sided conversation with your potential customers. Have information on it that your customer needs such as what can your services offer them? How are your services different from others? Have it listed on your website the products and services that you offer.

Common website problems:

  • It doesn't have a picture of the management or business owner.
  • The website lacks personalization. A blog or other social media can help is this area.
  • Some websites are: too cute, cluttered and have too much movement.
  • K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly): too much is too much! Let's not overwhelm the readers.
  • Establish yourself as a legitimate business owner by using customer reviews. 

A good quote from the webinar: "Understand the metrics that drive success for your website and make sure that they are measured." Google Analytics is a good way to do this and it is free! Have your website designer sign you up and put the code on every page of your website and Google will sent you a weekly report.

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