Build Trust by Posting Your Privacy Policy

Internet security is a major concern...
TRUSTe conducted a survey in 2009 that shows that 56 percent of small business owners with websites simply cut and pasted their privacy policy from another website. Not only is this wrong because its plagiarism but also every Privacy Policy is unique to each businesses needs. The website source is from Truste.

I feel that this is often overlooked because people think that they need a lawyer to write this document and that the website designer's focus is primarily on the design and function of the website not always whether it has a document that complies with the law.

Every business owner that has a website should

Profitable Websites

A website is a business must in today's world!
A great way to expand your knowledge is to attend online educational webinars. They are inexpensive, convenient and informative covering many popular subjects that can help your business. Here are some tips that I learned from one that I recently viewed...

A website is critical to the success of most businesses today because 94% of smartphone users search for local information from their phone before any other source. And most of them will

Learn Your Trade and Perfect Your Skills

perfect your business skills graphic
Keep moving forward by improving your business skills.
This blog's title seems like a simple phrase but it is actually a quote of when I attended Imperial Valley College from one of my instructor's Omar Ramos. He was giving a lecture on how to start a website design business.

At the time, I didn't realize that a person can learn so much by using online tutorials. In the past, I didn't use the internet much due to the fact that I was using dial-up for my internet service which is very slow. Can you imagine that it took

Email Campaign or Online Marketing

Email Marketing Graphic
Keep your clients informed with an Email Campaign.
Wow! Did you know that approximately 77% consumers prefer to receive "Permission-based" marketing communication through email? Now that we know this fact maybe we should consider an Email Campaign.

This is a service that I have been asked about more than once and decided that I should learn about this and to ultimately provide this service to my client's such as you.

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your clients on a regular basis such as weekly or monthly. This can be very effective but